Privacy policy & Terms of delivery

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is in accordance with Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §

1. The holder of the registry

Aspicore Ltd, www.aspicore.com

2. The name of the registry

The LogMyDrive.com user registry

3. The purpose of the registry

The LogMyDrive-service, provided on the internet, is for the purpose of maintaining a personal driving log-book.

The driving log-book may be used to prove commuted work mileage for taxation purposes and/or to claim kilometre mileage compensation from employers or clients.

The registry data may be used to realise, compile statistics, monitor the traffic flow and detect malicious behaviour of the service.

4. The data content of the registry Compulsory information (this information is essential for use of the driving log book)
  • The name of the registered individual
  • User name
  • Business
  • Password
  • E-mail address
  • Role (User / Supervisor / Power User / Administrator)
  • The serial number of the mobile telephone (IMEI)
  • Telephone number
  • Car registration number
  • Personal identification code
  • Photograph
  • Permission to publish the location data
Collected location data
  • The serial number of the mobile phone (IMEI)
  • The time
  • Momentary location coordinates
  • Speed
  • The cell identifier of the mobile phone network’s base station
In addition, the user's IP address when signing in and possible faulty login attempts are recorded. 5. Regular sources of information

The registered users have disclosed the information voluntarily.

The location information of the registered customer is stored automatically on the LogMyDrive server, through the mobile phone network, when the mobile phone application is operational. The registered customers have consented to the use of the mobile application and may if they so desire close the collection application at any time.

6. Regular disclosure and transferral of data outside the EU or outside the European Economic Area

Of the information entered into the register, only the user name is displayed on the page, in so far as the user does not want any other information disclosed or placed. The username is the preferred identification used by the user for the service.

The registered customer has the possibility to change the information when desired.

Classified information will not be disclosed to any third parties, within or outside the EU and EEA, without special permission.

The registered customer has the possibility to publish their own location information as an Internet link, by clicking the publish location information on the service settings.

The traffic flow information may be reliably disclosed to our cooperation companies inside the EU or the EEA. The traffic flow information does not contain any other information regarding the registered user, other than the information received from the GPS device.

The address information, map drawing and routing services of the driving log book are produced momentarily (the data is not disclosed as saveable), on our reliable external service provider, such as cloudmade.com or maps.google.com. This electronic service uses a minimal amount of location information, but no other personal information.

7. The principles of the register protection

The registry will not be disclosed to any third party. Each registry holder has the user rights for the user codes granted to them. The username cannot be used to view or change anything else apart from the user’s own information or the information of an individual who has provided their consent for such purposes. The registry is located on LogMyDrive’s reliably secure server.

The delivery terms of the LogMyDrive service

1. Definitions

The term, LogMyDrive, means the electronic driving log-book service supplied by Aspicore Ltd.

The term, Customer, means a private individual or a company who has ordered the LogMyDrive service. The customer must be aged at least 18 years old. The term, Terminal device, means a GPS- mobile phone which is compatible for use with the LogMyDrive service or any other equipment which collects location information and is compatible with a similar service.

The term, Agreement term, is the agreed upon period of the service ordered by the Customer.

2. Service description

The customer can use the service to automate the making of a driving log-book, utilising the Terminal device in the collection of location data and the driving log-book services of the LogMyDrive browser, by completing and printing the driving log-book.

To use the LogMyDrive-driving log-book service, the user requires a computer and broadband Internet connection. The recommended browsers are the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The recommended resolution of the computer's screen should be at least 1280 x 720 (WXGA) or 1024 * 768 (XGA).

The service has the following features. The location of the vehicle on a screen map (optional), browsing and editing of the trips made by the vehicle. Viewing of the trips using a map view. The Customer can print out the information as a PDF-report or transfer the data into the Excel format

Changes and improvements may be made to the service without advance notification to the customers.

3. The technical limitations of the terminal device

A GPS signal may not necessarily always be available, for example, when the vehicle is travelling through a tunnel. Mobile phone networks also have shadow areas, whereupon it is not always possible for the location updates to be sent to the service centre. In such cases, the Service reports the last known location information and when it was received. In a situation where the GPS signal is available, but the data connection is not, the Terminal device collects the route information to a buffer memory and transfers the data to the service centre when the data connection is once again available. In a 2G field, a voice call may be interrupted during the time that a data connection call takes place. If a GPS mobile phone is used as the Terminal device, the car should have a phone charger plugged in and the phone should be placed on a stand or otherwise be highly visible to the user.

4. The creation and cancellation of the Agreement

The Agreement is created when the customer orders the LogMyDrive service and receives the codes to use the service.

The agreement is valid until further notice or for a separately agreed upon agreement period.

The agreement expires at the end of the agreed upon agreement period, during which the Customer can cancel the agreement. The cancellation may be made by the Customer in writing or by e-mail. When the agreement has concluded, the location information of the customer’s vehicle can no longer be sent to the service. The Customer however still has the right to use the LogMyDrive web service for a period of two months after the expiry of the agreement and can print or transfer the information contained in the driving log book onto their own computer

The service provider may cancel the agreement if it is not possible to supply the customer with a high quality service, due to the customer's terminal device or for any other reason related to the customer.

5. The introduction of the service

Once the Customer has ordered the service and has completed the registration process, the service provider will supply the Customer with a personal username and password, with which the Customer will be able to use the Service through an Internet browser. The Service is available for use as soon as the Customer receives their personal username and password.

If a GPS mobile phone is used as the Terminal device, a location information application which is compatible with the LogMyDrive service must be installed, and its utility programmes must be updated.

6. Information security and Privacy protection

The LogMyDrive service is located on a properly secure server, from which backup copies are made regularly. During the transferral of the location information from the terminal device, the name information of the user is not transferred, and the data which is received is only connected to the user’s information whilst at the server.

The Customer is obligated to store their codes and passwords carefully and not to disclose them to any third party.

7. The disclosure of information

The service provider will only disclose the specified information of drives made by the vehicle of the Customer to a third party. In so far as the Customer has provided their permission.

The service provider may forward such information for which an individual vehicle cannot be recognised. Such information may, for example, concern flow of traffic information.

8. The pricing of the service

Service charges are collected for the introduction of the service and additional services according to the LogMyDrive price list. The service may also offer promotional rates to customers.

9. Additional expenses

The Customer is personally responsible for any SIM card related agreements connected with the terminal device, with their own operator (unless otherwise agreed upon). The SIM card agreement should include a data transferral service (an unlimited or adequate data package). The customer is to take care of the SIM card monthly payments and other data transferral expenses directly with the relevant operator.

When driving a vehicle outside the borders of Finland, note should be taken of any possible additional data communication costs. When driving close to the national borders of Finland, the automatic network selection should preferably be switched off, so that the customer is not charged for any unexpected costs.

10. User Support

Customer support is handled via the support function included in the LogMyDrive service, or by e-mail, Mon-Fri 8:30-16:00. The contact individual determined by business clients has the right to utilise telephone support through the service provider’s customer service. The call centre is open, Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

11. The responsibility for delays

In so far as the service is substantially delayed, the service provider may credit the Customer with the service charges, if the Customer has notified the service provider of the disruption in the service and the service provider has not corrected the problem within a reasonable time.

12. The responsibility for the service

The Customer is responsible for the operation of their terminal device. The service provider is responsible for the delivery of the service. The service provider is not responsible for any damages that may result from using the service or as a result of not be able to utilise the service.

In all cases, the liability of the service provider is limited to the monetary value that the customer has paid for the service.

13. Force Majeure

The parties are freed, according to the agreement, from their liabilities for the period and to the extent that the failure to meet the agreement obligations is due to a force majeure. The principle of the freeing from liabilities is seen to be an event that prevents the fulfilment of the agreement and the emergence of such an unusual event that has such an influence and has emerged after the agreement has began, which is independent of the parties, and whose effects ca not be reasonably avoided or overcome. Such an event may be, for example, a war, insurrection, requisition or confiscation for general needs, an interruption in energy supplies, industrial disputes, satellite malfunctions, a fire, thunderstorm or other natural phenomenon, cable damage caused by a third party, operator data transmission interruptions or any other reason which has an equivalent effect and is independent of the contracting party.

14. The liability of the customer

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the information that they have provided is accurate. In so far as the information in regards to the Customer is subject to change, the Customer is obligated to provide the new information in writing or by e-mail. The Customer is obligated to use the service in accordance with the law and morality, and to ensure that it does not cause harm to the functioning of the service.

The Customer is obligated to follow the guidelines provided for use of the service. Compliance with the guidelines ensures a smooth operation of the service. The Service provider has the right, without prior notice, to prevent or interrupt the supply of the service to the Customer, in so far as the Customer is deemed to have violated these terms.


The Service provider has the right to employ a subcontractor to carry out the tasks included in the agreement. The party concerned will pay the subcontracting expenses from their own share.

The Customer may not transfer this agreement to a third party without the consent of Aspicore Ltd. Aspicore Ltd has the right to transfer the agreement to a third party.

16. Disputes

Any disagreements are primarily to be attempted to come to an agreeable conclusion through joint negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved through these negotiations, they will be dealt with in the general court of the place of domicile of the supplier.

17. Contact information

Aspicore Ltd (Business ID 673355-5), Gräsantörmä 2, 02200 ESPOO,
Telephone (+358) 9 6219 1045, www.aspicore.com